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Making Room for People

Edited by Lei Qu and Evert Hasselaar

Making Room for People elaborates on preferences in housing. It explores how users, occupants, and citizens can express their needs, searching for the enhancement of individual choice and control(...)

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Begroeide daken na 2010: Afstemming van techniek, organisatie en maatschappelijk belang

By Peter G. Teeuw en Christoph Maria Ravesloot

Dakbegroeiing in de stad levert een maatschappelijk voordeel in termen van leefmilieu en waterbuffering, mits toegepast op de juiste plek en op grotere schaal. Dit potentieel kan alleen benut(...)

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Assessment of the Sustainability of Flexible Building

By Haico van Nunen

Life Cycle Assessment is an important instrument to understand and control the durability of a building, both in its design and its maintenance phase. The starting point of this study is that(...)

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Delta Urbanism: The Netherlands

Edited by Han Meyer, Inge Bobbink, Steffen Nijhuis

Delta Urbanism: The Netherlands gives an in-depth look to a country that has grappled for centuries with the crises that confront coastal cities worldwide. Here is an accessible account of the(...)

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Towards 0-Impact Buildings and Built Environments

Edited by Ronald Rovers, Jacques Kimman, Christoph Ravesloot

0-Impact goes one step further than 0-energy. It addresses building and design issues from an environmentally neutral perspective. It obviously includes energy neutral building, but adds the(...)

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