Towards 0-Impact Buildings and Built Environments
€ 45,00
October 2010
220 pages
ISBN: 978-90-8594-028-9


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Towards 0-Impact Buildings and Built Environments

Edited by Ronald Rovers, Jacques Kimman, Christoph Ravesloot

0-Impact goes one step further than 0-energy. It addresses building and design issues from an environmentally neutral perspective. It obviously includes energy neutral building, but adds the challenge of water use, use and producing of materials, and use of land.
0-impact should result in a built environment that is in balance with its environment in all senses, and truly sustainable in the long run.

This book is a compilation of key notes (e.g. Hermann Scheer, Nils Larsson, Rolf Disch)and best papers of the SB10-conference held October 2010.

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