Delta Urbanism: The Netherlands
€ 45,00
July 31, 2010
208 pages
ISBN: 978-1-932364-86-6


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Delta Urbanism: The Netherlands

Edited by Han Meyer, Inge Bobbink, Steffen Nijhuis

Delta Urbanism: The Netherlands gives an in-depth look to a country that has grappled for centuries with the crises that confront coastal cities worldwide. Here is an accessible account of the histories, geographies, and human interventions that have defined the Netherlands.

Delta Urbanism: The Netherlands is published by the American Planning Association and imported and distributed in Europe by Techne Press.

Delta Urbanism: The Netherlands is part of the series Delta Urbanism, exploring the growth, development, and management of deltaic cities, toward balancing various and often competing goals in a sustainable manner: urbanization, port commerce, industrial development, flood defense, public safety, ecol¬ogy, tourism, and recreation. Delta Urbanism contemplates the policies, tools, technology, coordinated planning, public outreach, and international cooperation—both current and emerging—needed to save deltaic cities.

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