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Footprint 16: Volume 9.1

Edited by Heidi Sohn, Stavros Kousoulas and Gerhard Bruyns

Footprint 16: Volume 9.1 Commoning as Differentiated Publicness In the midst of the present global economic crisis, surges of civil unrest and large-scale social urban movements alike have(...)

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Footprint 15: Volume 8.2

Edited by Henriette Bier and Terry Knight

Footprint 15: Volume 8.2 Dynamics of Data-driven Design Digital technology has introduced in the last decades data-driven representational and generative methodologies based on principles(...)

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Footprint 14: Volume 8.1

Edited by Deborah Hauptmann and Andrej Radman

Footprint14: Volume 8.1: Asignifying Semiotics as Proto-Theory of Singularity: Drawing is Not Writing and Architecture does Not Speak. We belong to the generation educated under the semiotic(...)

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Footprint 13: Volume 7.2

Edited by Maroš Krivý and Tahl Kaminer

Footprint 13: Volume 7.2. The Participatory Turn in Urbanism. In the last decade, a ‘participatory culture’ has evolved and expanded dramatically, advocating participation as a radical form(...)

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Footprint 12: Volume 7.1

Edited by Gregory Bracken and Jonathan Solomon

Footprint 12: Volume 7.1 Future Publics: Politics and Space in East Asia's Cities

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