Footprint 14: Volume 8.1
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131 pages
Footprint Journal
ISBN: 978-90-8594-055-5
DSD - Delft School of Design


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Footprint 14: Volume 8.1

Edited by Deborah Hauptmann and Andrej Radman

Footprint14: Volume 8.1: Asignifying Semiotics as Proto-Theory of Singularity: Drawing is Not Writing and Architecture does Not Speak.

We belong to the generation educated under the semiotic regime, which has
run its course. We also believe that the idea of ‘architecture as language’ might have been useful as an analytical tool but never as a design mechanism. After all, creativity comes first and routinisation follows. As the title of Footprint 14 suggests, this is a general plea to have done with the hegemony of the linguistic signifier. Signifying semiotics is but a fraction of a much broader asignifying semiotics.

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