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Urban Transformation

By Peter Bosselmann

How do cities transform over time? And why do some cities change for the better while others deteriorate? In articulating new ways of viewing urban areas and how they develop over time, Peter(...)

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Smart Building in a Changing Climate

Edited by Andy van den Dobbelsteen, Machiel van Dorst, Arjan van Timmeren

Climate change and peak fuel are issues that affect society, technology, politics, market and also our built environment. Rather than just adapting to these changes, a positive, pro-active(...)

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Planning through Projects: Moving from Master Planning to Strategic Planning -- 30 Cities

By Marisa Carmona
Contributions by Rod Burgess and M.S. Badenhorst

The starting point of Planning through Projects is the diversity of historical, political, socio-economic and environmental factors that affect the urban realities of each city. The book shows(...)

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Greenspotting Haaglanden: reviewing landscape / een andere kijk op landschap

By Ad Koolen, Wim Timmermans, et al.

Greenspotting Haaglanden considers the meanings of green in Haaglanden, the metropolitan region of The Hague. The analysis adopts an emotional approach,defining the landscape in terms of rhythm,(...)

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The Re-Creation of the European City

Edited by Rob Atkinson and Cristiana Rossignolo

Over the last twenty years, the landscape in which cities and city regions operate has undergone fundamental changes. Cities and city regions have become key drivers of national and European(...)

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