The Re-Creation of the European City
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October 2008
272 pages
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The Re-Creation of the European City

Edited by Rob Atkinson and Cristiana Rossignolo

Over the last twenty years, the landscape in which cities and city regions operate has undergone fundamental changes. Cities and city regions have become key drivers of national and European economic development and, at the same time, have become nodes of new forms of societal interaction, calling for a major role in territorial and social development and addressing issues of sustainability and social cohesion. With these changes, the effects of spatial and urban planning on economic development and on territorial and social cohesion have become relevant.

The Re-creation of the European City investigates the position of regions and cities and presents different views of how cities and regions are conceived and planned at different scales in different European contexts. It reveals some shared assumptions and approaches, while simultaneously illustrating the continuing importance of national contexts in institutional and organisational traditions, social and policy history, and, in the largest sense, the process of change itself.

The contributions advance our understanding of cities, in some cases pointing towards the resurgence of cities. One clear conclusion that emerges is that different approaches and different solutions have been developed in response to common problems. However, at the same time what also emerges is that there is a common context for all these practices - the European Union. Cities and regions are where Europe’s future is being made.

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