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ICT-related Transformations in Latin-American metropolises

By Ana María Fernández-Maldonado

The use and application of ICT within and between cities is resulting in significant urban transformations, making cities more connected as well as more complex. A sub-discipline of urban(...)

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Information Processing in Design

By John Restrepo

In order to design proper information systems for designers, it is important to understand how they enrich their knowledge base during the design process, what triggers their queries for(...)

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Knowledge-Based Design: Developing Urban & Regional Design into a Science

By Ina T. Klaasen

Knowledge-Based Design distinguishes two approaches to urban & regional design: a pattern-oriented approach which focuses on final processes regarding the physical urban system (transformation of(...)

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Shifting Sense: Looking Back to the Future in Spatial Planning

Edited by Edward Hulsbergen, Ina Klaasen, and Iwan Kriens

Spatial Planning as a discipline of Urbanism has changed drastically over the last decades and Shifting Sense describes these dynamics and identifies important themes for the future. The book(...)

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Principles of Urban Structure

By Nikos Salingaros

This book explains how cities actually work. It will serve as a guide and inspiration for planners to re-humanize our cities using the latest technologies and recent understanding from science(...)

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