Management of Urban Development Processes in the Netherlands
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Mid June 2011
248 pages
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Management of Urban Development Processes in the Netherlands

Edited by Agnes Franzen, Fred Hobma, Hans de Jonge and Gerard Wigmans

This book provides a management view on urban area development. Urban area development has increasingly been influenced by the private sector, requiring the public sector to adapt. Network societies and global economies necessitate a more integrated approach to managing urban development. Management of Urban Development Processes in the Netherlands describes the changes taking place and the shared governance approach to urban development.

It describes the process of managing urban development and covers the full life-cycle of urban areas, from the initiation and planning of development projects to realisation and maintenance.

It also provides an overview of current practice, acquired knowledge and instruments developed in the Netherlands. Process architecture, financial engineering, market influences and spatial quality are covered since they all affect the level (and perception) of success.

The information presented results from many years of research and experience at Delft University of Technology and is the product of interdisciplinary discourse. This is appropriate to the field of urban area development since it is itself a discipline about interaction and skillful combination: 'the art of combining'.

Contributions by: Jan van 't Verlaat; Gerard Wigmans; Marco van Hoek; Monika Chao-Duivis; Fred Hobma; Elisabeth Schute-Postma; Agnes Franzen; Damo Holt; Ruben Hummels; Sander de Clerck; Peter Barendse; Sjoerd Bijleveld; Peter-Paul van Loon.

Table of Contents:
Introduction; City and Social Context; Management of Urban Development; Urban Area Development; Legal Framework; Process Management; Management of Spatial Quality; Market Research and Feasibility Studies; Financial Engineering; Quantitative Urban Management Instruments; Successful Urban Area Development;Index.

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