The Europeanization of Cities

Edited by Alexander Hamedinger and Alexander Wolffhardt

The Europeanization of Cities sheds light on the complex interplay between cities and the EU, both how cities engage with the EU and how the EU engages with cities. In particular, the book considers how EU policies and programmes are acting as a driving force for urban change, and what motivates cities to be present on the EU stage. Furthermore, it addresses the role of cities in the process of European integration (e.g., social policy).

The book explores different approaches (mainly institutionalist concepts) to understand the Europeanization of cities and gives empirical evidence for changes on the local level (e.g., Budapest, Amsterdam, Vienna, Birmingham), related to the process of European integration and to the extension of networks between European cities .

In theoretical terms, Europeanization of cities seems to be a promising approach, but one that still has to be consolidated. This book helps to delineate a distinct research field which brings together different disciplines (social economic, political, geography) and different aspects.

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The Europeanization of Cities is an circular, interactive, and dynamic process. For an interview with Alexander Hamedinger in the EUKN Newsletter, see

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