Blueprint for Greening Affordable Housing
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232 pages
ISBN: 978-1-59726-139-5
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Blueprint for Greening Affordable Housing

By Global Green USA

Blueprint for Green Affordable Housing offers specific guidance on incorporating green building strategies into the design, construction, and operation of affordable housing developments. A completely revised and expanded second edition of the groundbreaking 1999 publication, this new book focuses on topics of specific relevance to affordable housing including, how green building adds value to affordable housing; the integrated design process; best practices in green design for affordable housing; green operations and maintenance; innovative funding and finance; emerging programs, partnerships, and policies.

The book presents 12 case studies of model developments and projects, including rental, home ownership, special needs, senior, self-help, and co-housing from around the United States.

All of these case studies are in the U.S., but the core of the book explains why it is critical to create homes that are healthier and lower energy costs for those in affordable housing and how to do that---from the integrated design process to more technical ways to inexpensively green affordable housing.

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