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The Designer's Atlas for Sustainability

By Ann Thorpe

Designing for sustainability is an innovation shaping both the design industry and design education today. Yet architects, product designers, and other key professionals in this new field have so(...)

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Building an Emerald City

By Lucia Athens

In 2000, in the midst of a municipal building boom, Seattle set new targets for building and remodeling to LEED guidelines, adopting the US Green Building Council’s LEED Silver standards for its(...)

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Energy for Sustainability

By John Randolph and Gilbert Masters

Written by two of the foremost experts in the field, it is a pedagogically complete treatment of energy sources and uses. It examines the full range of issues—from generating technologies to land(...)

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The Architecture of Community

“No architect has explored architecture's claim to universality better than Léon Krier, and it is this which makes him the most controversial figure of contemporary architectural culture."(...)

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Smart Building in a Changing Climate

Edited by Andy van den Dobbelsteen, Machiel van Dorst, Arjan van Timmeren

Climate change and peak fuel are issues that affect society, technology, politics, market — and also our built environment. Rather than just adapting to these changes, a positive, pro-active(...)

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