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Spatial Water Management: Supporting Participatory Planning and Decision Making

By Hasse Goosen

Spatial Water Management introduces the reader to the new Dutch policy of water management, which combines conventional water engineering with a new policy which incorporates planning for flood(...)

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What is Next after the Kyoto Protocol? Assessment of options for international climate policy post 2012

By Niklas Höhne

The negotiations on climate change are entering a new phase now that the discussions on new commitments after the first commitment period of the Kyoto Protocol have started. With this book,(...)

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Visualizing the Invisible: Towards an Urban Space

Edited by Stephen Read and Camilo Pinilla

Visualizing the Invisible takes up the challenge of both producing original insights into the nature of the contemporary urban, and of using these insights as a basis for the design of the(...)

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ICT-related Transformations in Latin-American metropolises

By Ana María Fernández-Maldonado

The use and application of ICT within and between cities is resulting in significant urban transformations, making cities more connected as well as more complex. A sub-discipline of urban(...)

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Information Processing in Design

By John Restrepo

In order to design proper information systems for designers, it is important to understand how they enrich their knowledge base during the design process, what triggers their queries for(...)

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