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Delta Urbanism: The Netherlands

Edited by Han Meyer, Inge Bobbink, Steffen Nijhuis

Delta Urbanism: The Netherlands gives an in-depth look to a country that has grappled for centuries with the crises that confront coastal cities worldwide. Here is an accessible account of the(...)

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Towards 0-Impact Buildings and Built Environments

Edited by Ronald Rovers, Jacques Kimman, Christoph Ravesloot

0-Impact goes one step further than 0-energy. It addresses building and design issues from an environmentally neutral perspective. It obviously includes energy neutral building, but adds the(...)

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Management of Urban Development Processes in the Netherlands

Edited by Agnes Franzen, Fred Hobma, Hans de Jonge and Gerard Wigmans

This book provides a management view on urban area development. Urban area development has increasingly been influenced by the private sector, requiring the public sector to adapt. Network(...)

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The Europeanization of Cities

Edited by Alexander Hamedinger and Alexander Wolffhardt

The Europeanization of Cities sheds light on the complex interplay between cities and the EU, both how cities engage with the EU and how the EU engages with cities. In particular, the book(...)

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Changing Contexts in Urban Regeneration

By Paul Stouten

Urban renewal plans need to respond to new conditions and requirements, caused by changes in the population and in social structure. That way, urban renewal becomes a sustainable endeavour.(...)

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