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Urban Networks Network Urbanism

By Gabriel Dupuy

Urban networks, network cities, networked cities and city networks are widely discussed, but there has hardly been debate on what constitutes an urbanism of networks. It is time to shift network(...)

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Purmer-Meer: ontwerpen aan de Purmer als bundelingsgebied in het Nationaal Landschap Laag Holland

Net boven Amsterdam ligt een ruimtelijk kleinood: Waterland, een nog steeds oorspronkelijk en open veenweidegebied, compleet met drassige stroken weiland, dijkdoobraken, smalle wegen, vrijstaande(...)

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Sustainable Housing Projects: Implementing a Conceptual Approach

By Ronald Rovers

Due to exhaustible resources, large urban developments, and the current attention given to climate issues, sustainable building is back on the agenda. This goes for governments in both(...)

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The Challenge of Social Innovation in Urban Revitalization

Edited by Paul Drewe, Juan-Luis Klein, Edward Hulsbergen

Urban revitalization is a long process, and its success depends on social innovations. Just as with technological developments, it is almost impossible to predict which social innovations will(...)

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Introduction to Energy Analysis

By Kornelis Blok

Liberalisation of energy markets, security of energy supply, and the threat of climate change are just three important current issues directly related to the world of energy. Introduction to(...)

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